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CoMo HIGH-TECH SOFTWARE FIRM: Goes global with education leader

Foliotek, on North Tower Dr., goes global with paperless teacher-student portfolios
COLUMBIA, 6/17/12 (Beat Byte) -- Remember what Columbia Mayor Bob McDavid said about NOT helping local businesses and startups, in favor of lavishing tax breaks on iffy out-of-state firms?
"First, there's the bright people who are going to stay in Columbia no matter what. We've gotta be careful about offering incentives to them we don't need to," Dr. McDavid said last month.
The Heart Beat has two more stories we hope will make the Mayor eat his words, on Columbia-based Foliotek and Ford Restaurant Supply (to follow).
Foliotek, an electronic portfolio management system developer, recently announced a partnership with Cengage Learning, a Connecticut-based global provider of teaching, learning and research solutions, to deliver Foliotek portfolio solutions for class materials.
Criminal Justice students, for instance, can create a personalized, online repository of their work, from writing assignments to case analyses, for prospective employers. Education students can upload lesson plans, activities, links to video of their student teaching, and more to gather peer-to-peer and instructor feedback.
Foliotek's educational product line includes: Foliotek Assessment, Foliotek Presentation, and Foliotek Institutional Portfolios.
"We are pleased to team up with Cengage Learning and look forward to working together to make portfolio solutions more accessible to higher education customers," said Foliotek president Chris Miller. "Our partnership will enable us to provide a greatly improved teaching and learning experience for higher education instructors and students."

"Our partnership with Foliotek further demonstrates our commitment to improving the customer experience, and as a result, faculty and students will have easy access to leading portfolio solutions," said Curtiss Barnes, Vice President, Corporate Development, Cengage Learning. "In working together, we can deliver a full solution of quality course materials and portfolio management systems for our customers."
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