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NEWS FLASH: St. Francis House and Field Elementary: 2007 City of
Columbia Notable Historic Properties

-- The Corner Clicks at Klik's: Seen and heard at the Corner Fundraiser
-- School Board Member Karla Despain catches the Blog/Listserv Wave
-- Nuisance Watch
-- Running (With Scissors) for Council

-- NEWS FLASH: St. Francis House and Field Elementary: 2007 City of
Columbia Notable Historic Properties

If Titanic swept the Oscars a few years ago, North Central Columbia
pulled off a titanic sweep of the 2007 City of Columbia Notable
Historic Property designations.

Three historic North Central properties -- a white castle, a
neighborhood school, and a community mission -- walked away with the
coveted distinction, selected from twenty nominees all over town.

Built in 1920 and named for the patron saint of all creatures great
and small, St. Francis House, a brick 2-story residence at 901
Rangeline Street, was honored for its "notable, long-term, and
high-profile mission: caring for those who can't always care for
themselves." Owners Lana and Steve Jacobs offer food, shelter, and in
many cases, lifelong care for residents who call this historic house
their home.

Led by Carol Garman, the 2005-2006 Columbia Public Schools
Administrator of the Year, Field Elementary School also takes its name
from a humble visionary. Known as the "children's poet," Eugene Field
devoted his art to children, creating some of the world's classic
childhood poems. Local journalists (and Trib editor Hank Waters --
tee hee :) also owe much to the St. Louis native, who co-founded the
Columbia Missourian newspaper.

Noting Field Elementary's powerful mission statement, the historic
preservation commission commended its "respectful, responsible
learners" who strive to "inspire and empower each other to positively
impact our community and our world." The 1916 structure was also
noted for the care with which renovations and other improvements have
been in keeping with the building's historic nature.

Visit for more information.

Finally, the commission honored a stone turreted house that looks like
a miniature white castle tucked away on an ordinary city street.

Everyone who's ever driven down Alton Street knows the 1920 home at
803, and the artist who lives there, Village Arts Team co-founder Kim
Parker. "There are only about 10 of these old stone homes in the
entire city," said historic preservation commission member Mike Clark.
"Architecturally, they're really unique."

Parker is pictured in front of her home in this 8/06 Tribune article:

Other 2007 notable properties include the finely-preserved Old
Southwest residence of former state representative Tim Harlan and his
wife Linda; a classic home by noted architect Hirst John; and five
other properties in various parts of the city.

To qualify, a property must be greater than 50 years old and be
distinctive in some way. Selected by the City of Columbia Historic
Preservation Commission, notable historic properties include the home
of MU journalism school founder Walter Williams; the Blue Note; the
Boone County Courthouse; Ellis Fischel Cancer Center; and Confederate

See the full list at: Go to the Database

An annual gala event planned for February will honor each property and

-- The Corner Clicks at Kliks

As we write this, the first official fundraiser for the Corner --
a.k.a. Heibel-March store renovation, a 2005 Notable Historic
Property -- was kicking off at Klik's, a bar and deli on 10th street.
Only thing the Unconventional Wisdom (that's us) can report at this
point is who we saw in the first hour or so:

A Channel 17 news crew
Historic preservation architect Brian Pape
Mover and shaker Christy Welliver
Neighborhood Association co-founder Linda Rootes and her husband John
Corner Action Committee Chairperson Dan Cullimore
Planning and Zoning Czar Timothy Teddy
City Redevelopment Guru Tom Lata
2005 MU Excellence in Teaching with Technology Award-Winner Sandy
Convention and Visitors Bureau honcho Lorah Steiner, dropping off hot
Central Methodist Univ. art professor Gennie Pfannenstiel
Field Elementary Students and families
Journalist and historian Betty Cook Rottmann
Attorney Carl Edwards, Sr.
Keith Miller's AMAZING drawings of what is to come for the Corner!

...and a group of about 15 people coming in together just as I was
leaving! For more info, visit

-- Who's Readin'

Speaking of blogs and listservs, at Trib reporter Janese Heavin's class notes blog: CPS School Board Member
Karla Despain writes:

"From monitoring the North Central Columbia Neighborhood listserve, I
know you are sensitive about labels placed on those who are active in
our local community. I agree with you on that."

Blogging is catching on with the school board. Check out board member
Darin Preis' blog at

We're glad to have Karla and Darin reading the listserve, blogging,
and giving us their time and service. It's much appreciated!

-- Nuisance Watch

309 N. Fifth Street, an NRT "Action Property" -- still falling and can't get up!
411 N. 5th St., acquired by the City, due for demolition THIS MONTH! HOORAY!
709 N. 6th St., collapsing concrete garage, an NRT "Action Property"

-- Running (With Scissors) for Mayor

Still waiting (hopefully) for City Staff Report on North 6th Street tax rebate -- Month 7.  May have to run for City Council -- or Mayor (!) -- to get this puppy fed (tee hee :).   Tax-cutting scissors, anyone?

-- Mike Martin
Ed-itor, Blog-itor in Chief

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