Chronicling the Renaissance of North Central, the Heart of Columbia 

-- Qool and Quirky: Digging Brian Pape's New Diggs
-- Money and Time Erase an Arsonist's Crime
-- Jerry's Hair Salon Gets a New Do
-- The Blotter Blog: Neighborhood Arrests and Registered Offenders
-- Columbia Police offer Crime Free Housing Program

1) Qool and Quirky: Digging Brian Pape's New Diggs

Call it the Audacity of Pape.

The Unconventional Wisdom (UW -- that's us) has taken two tours of
local architect Brian Pape's innovative, imaginative, and -- as Pape
himself might say, tongue firmly in cheek -- "insane renovation
project" on Hinkson and Fay Streets, formerly known as the Diggs Meat
Packing Warehouse.

It's Columbia's largest ongoing historic renovation project, even
beating out the big boys downtown for its size, scope -- and price

But why call it crazy? How about the termites. "They've been
munching on this place for 50 years," says Pape's general contractor,
Fred Counts.

And the fire damage. "Much MUCH more extensive than we thought,"
Counts says.

And while it's not crazy to save money, Pape and Counts are using
gigantic beams and other exotic cuts of wood milled by the Amish in
Clark, Missouri. The savings is enormous, says Counts, the work first
rate, and the cuts -- square beams as big as an oak tree -- virtually
impossible to come by.

Phase two of the project -- adjacent apartments -- just started,
putting this exciting North Central historic renovation -- just blocks
from Columbia College -- on track for completion in late spring/early
summer of 2007.

2) Money and Time Erase an Arsonist's Crime

How bizarre is it that the home of three suspects charged with setting
fires inside two Wal-Mart stores would itself go up in flames a few
days later?

That was the situation reported in May of last year when Gerald Garner
allegedly torched his own North Central home to collect on the

A firefighter cut his foot on a piece of glass during the blaze and
the burned out hulk sat for what seemed like forever, looking hopeless
and bleak.

Now, passers-by can see a whole new house at 601 Washington Ave.
Our hats are off to Patterson Investments, LLC for making that
transformation possible.

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Investigators: Homeowner admits setting two blazes.

3) Jerry's Hair Salon Gets a New Do

Check out local attorney Robert Murray's ongoing makeover of the old
Jerry's Hair Salon building at 217 North 9th. Calling it the
culmination of a lifelong dream, Murray -- who turns 50 in April -- is
converting the building into a 7,000 square foot law office with a
twist: the addition of substance abuse counselor Jerry Eames (we
assume no relation to the hairdresser).

With a heartfelt passion that comes from his own experience with a
drunken driver, Murray specializes in DWI defense, with an emphasis on
keeping his clients clean, sober, and out of court -- forever. With
Eames in the office, he hopes to complete a circle of renewal by
violating a basic rule of business.

"I try to do everything I can not to have repeat customers," Murray

More on Robert Murray at:
More on Jerry Eames at:

4) The Crime Blotter Blog

a) December 2006 neighborhood arrests as reported by the Columbia

Rodney Wayne Arnold Jr., 22, of 1008 Coats St., misdemeanor warrant,
possession of 35 grams or less of marijuana.

Meghan E. Devine, 22, Robert E. Schultz Jr., 27, Matthew S. Verges,
24, of 404 Hickman Ave., nuisance violation.

Gwendolyn Walker, 50, of 316 Park Ave., second-degree property damage,

Nicole E. Pyatt, 24, of 301 Fifth St., failure to follow police order
to disperse, resisting or interfering with an arrest.

Christopher Scott Meyer, 37, of 203 Park Ave., stealing.

Natina Rochelle Cartagena, 34, of 616 Park Ave., first-degree
trespassing, $600 bond.

Tremaine Marie Harris, 24, of 806 Washington Ave., stealing.

Andrew Eugene Mundy, 22, of 800 N. Sixth St. Apt. B, false
imprisonment, resisting arrest, third-degree domestic assault, $2,000
bond (NOTE: Possible registered offender status below).

b) Registered Offenders as reported by the Boone County Sheriff

Andrew E. Mundy
800 N Sixth St, Apt/Lot #B, Columbia, MO 65201
Child Molestation
Sex Offender/child

Leslie L. Rodgers
1101 N Eighth St, Columbia, MO 65201
Child Molestation,
First Degree - Two Counts
Sex Offender/child

Kenneth D. Cowles
1101 Range Line St, Columbia, MO 65201
Out Of State Offense,
Criminal Sexual Contact, Michigan
Sex Offender/child

County wide, the sheriff reports 112 registered offenders.

5) Columbia Police offer Crime Free Housing Program

Held this Saturday, January 13, at the Boone Electric North Community
Room at 1413 Rangeline Street. Part 1 and Part 2, 8am to 5 pm.

For more details, visit:

-- Mike Martin
Editor and Webmaster

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