A hard-to-find fender installed with great service at a great price

COLUMBIA, 4/8/13 (Review) -- Fender benders are no fun, especially when the car is too old to carry collision insurance. Since we only carry liability coverage, the cost of repairing our 2003 SUV after a recent wreck was all on my wife and me. I dreaded getting estimates because auto body work is notoriously expensive.
What's more, the damaged part was hard to find -- a snap-on plastic bumper/fender assembly.

I emailed pix of the damage to five auto body shops. The bids ranged from $1,100 to $2,500 among those who responded. All but one shop moaned and groaned about how hard it might be to get the part. I hate it when companies whine about what they can't do, so I went with the can-do attitude at Galen's Paintless Dent Repair and Body Shop.
Their bid was also among the lowest, and Galen -- the owner -- didn't think he'd need the car too long.
We dropped it off at their shop across from the humane society, and about a week later, picked it up without a hint of the damaged fender. That was good enough for a "business fave" rating, but then we put them to the ultimate test: Would Galen and crew stand behind their work?
A few months later, a plastic snap on the fender broke, leaving the part hanging forward. In my experience, about 30% of businesses kick up a fuss about repairing a fault with their work. Not Galen. His staff greeted my wife and I with a smile and had the part repaired in about a day, no charge.
Passing the ultimate test -- will you stand behind your work without promise of any more pay? -- is good ol' fashioned service in short supply these days.

Galen's Paintless Dent Repair and Body Shop
703 Big Bear Blvd.

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