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LANDLORDS AGAINST CRIME, Pt. 2: Security, screening, new laws to highlight 3rd annual event

Public invited to discuss an issue that never goes away: crime, and what to do about it
COLUMBIA, 10/25/12 (Beat Byte) -- Landlords Against Crime 2012 will be held at Parkade Center, Tonight, October 25, 7 pm, front entrance (plenty of easy parking). The public is invited to attend and participate. Refreshments provided.
Group organizers anticipate brief presentations followed by audience-driven discussions, loosely centered around the idea of quality, crime-free housing as a team effort. Presentations -- and the order of events -- are listed below but subject to change.

Columbia Landlords Against Crime Town Hall, 2012
Welcome and Introductions. Join emcee and host Zim Schwartze, who has worn just about every hat possible in law enforcement and crime prevention. Zim brought the original crime-free housing program to Columbia about 15 years ago. Officer Tim Thomason has directed the program since.
Welcome our surprise award presenter! A person all local landlords know, in an entirely new role.
Columbia's Crime Free Housing and Neighborhood Watch Programs
Tim Thomason, Columbia Police Department
First Award Presentation: Most Successful Crime-Free Housing* Strategy
Awardee acceptance and discussion

The Columbia Apartment Association: Education, Advocacy, and Security
Stanley Diaz, CAA Board Member
The Property Management/Quality Housing Team, Pt. 1 -- Audience discussion
Property management is one of the hardest jobs around. But with the right team, it can also be one of the most rewarding. First and foremost, that team includes the client -- the renter. But it also includes office, maintenance, and contract staff; local government -- police, inspectors, the courts; and neighbors.

What do property managers need from their team for quality housing success, which certainly includes crime prevention? What challenges, choices, and changes are property managers facing and how does all this impact quality, crime-free housing?
Resident Screening: Get the Facts Right Up Front
Kevin Thompson, Accudata Credit Systems

Property and Security: Tips and Training for Landlords
Matt Nichols, Signal 88 Security Services
The New CoMo Occupancy Ordinance: Too many -- or just right?
Leigh Britt, City of Columbia, Office of Neighborhood Services
Second Award Presentations: Best Crime-Free Housing Success Story (2 awardees)
Awardee Acceptance and Discussion
The Property Management/Quality Housing Team, Pt. 2 -- Audience discussion
Back to our audience discussion: We've heard what property managers need to provide quality housing; now let's hear from the rest of the team. What do renters, neighbors, police officers, city inspectors, prospective tenants, vendors and contractors need to make their part of the property management/quality housing partnership work?

Special thanks to hosts Ben Gakinya and Parkade Center, Columbia's newly-redesigned Gem on the Business Loop. Offering office, retail, commercial, and meeting space to meet virtually every need. Visit
*"Crime Free Housing" is a registered trademark, used with express permission of the Int'l Crime Free Housing Association at Not affiliated with any police department's Crime Free Housing Program

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