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FIRST GRAD: Proves big success for Job Point's new heating and air conditioning course

Job Point congratulates a model first student

COLUMBIA, Mo 8/5/15 (Promotional)
Jermaine Thompson was working in fast food restaurants and taking college classes when Catherine Miller of the Missouri Division of Vocational Rehabilitation referred him to Job Point's brand new 20-week Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) program

Jermaine saw the Columbia-based HVAC course -- which uses an industry-recognized curriculum from the National Center for Construction Education and Research -- as a way to enter a lucrative and satisfying career much more quickly than a 2-year or 4-year degree. 

The program's first student, he excelled on assignments and assessments with his model attitude and excellent attendance.

After completing 16 weeks of studies and eager to start work, Jermaine finished a 4-week internship with Chapman Heating & Cooling; began submitting applications; and found employment with Peters Heating & Air Conditioningbefore his internship concluded.

"Here’s a young man who decided he wanted to make some changes in his life, and followed through with hard work and determination,”  said Job Point instructor Ray Kaisher, an 18-year industry veteran in design, installation, repair and maintenance of residential and commercial HVAC systems.  

Peters Heating and Air Conditioning has been just as impressed, expressing great satisfaction with Jermaine’s skills, performance, and work ethic. 

For his outstanding vocational accomplishments, Job Point congratulates Jermaine, the first of many HVAC graduates!

JOB POINT'S NEXT HVAC PROGRAM STARTS MONDAY, AUGUST 10.    To apply and for more information, visit this link

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