Because there's a story behind every business

Composed and written by our in-house staff, Heart Beat Designer Ads take your business to a whole new level with professional-quality writing that tells a story about you, your product, your service, your customers, and the history of your enterprise. 

We tell readers what makes your business unique, and why they want to hire you or buy your product.

We tell readers about your passion, and why your customers think you're the go-to person.   We tell them how your love for what you do translates into the best customer experience ever

Designer Ads can include sound and visuals (audio and video) and appear on the Columbia Heart Beat home page and other pages relevant to your product or service.  They also appear in our email newsletter (roughly 15,000 readers once/twice-weekly), and reach viewers via Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. 

Designer Ads start at $50/week for roughly 400-500 words.   For additional fees, we can assist you in audio, filming, etc. if you want to add these features, or you can arrange these services on your own. 

These stories, which are not ads, illustrate how we write a Heart Beat Designer Ad:

TIE-DYE TO DIE FOR: From the Tye-Die Queen -- and sculptor Lawrence L'Hote

"HIPPIE CHOW" AT THE ROOT CELLAR: Food with a far-out flair

"WOMANLY JUJU": Fashion and fun at House of Van Sickle

A CATACOMBS CHRISTMAS CAROL: Great prices, unique gifts even Scrooge would love

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