Controversy surrounds city-subsidized diner car once again
COLUMBIA, 9/7/12 (Beat Byte) -- An employee of the Columbia Star Dinner Train is out of a job after a vulgar, racist rant against liberty advocate and former Columbia resident Eapen Thampy.

An invitation to the Dinner Train Childrens Christmas Express event from Kyle Brandon Blaeuer prompted an argument between Blaeuer and Thampy, a Mizzou math and economics graduate and executive director of Americans for Asset Forfeiture Reform.
Thampy criticized the train's owners, Central States Rail Associates, for taking a public subsidy to prop up a private business.

It was the same issue Columbia disability advocates protested when they learned the railcars would not be ADA accessible; and the same issue that caused a January controversy about threats against a city volunteer. Shortly after that incident, the train's owners terminated another employee, then-manager Greg Weber.

Blaeuer fired back at Thampy with an F-bomb and N-word-filled attack on Facebook.

"I'm a Columbia resident, a college student, and I personally work on this train," Blaeuer wrote. "You are a stupid f---ing sand n---. Why don't you waste your time trying to bitch on peoples sites that abuse unemployment or do other things instead of employing people in this town, bringing tax revenue, and helping college students get by? How pathetic are you? Go back to your f--ing country and stay out of ours! You are nothing but a brown worthless ni---er. "

Blaeuer went on about Thampy's "worthless bloodline," insisting that he "die and shut the f-- up."
Thampy -- whose parents are from India -- screen-captured the conversation, posted it on his blog, and distributed it Wednesday.
"Kyle Blaeuer, an employee of the government-subsidized Columbia Star Dinner Train, called me racist trash after disagreeing with my comments that private businesses shouldn't receive government subsidies," Thampy told the Heart Beat. "For the record, I am a natural born citizen. I lived in Columbia for 9 years and put myself through school. I made substantial investments in the community."
After dinner train manager David Tenny read the rant, Blaeuer lost his job, which he had for a mere 8 days. "In no way is a server that has only worked here for a small period in any way a representation of our company," Tenny told the Heart Beat. "I am personally trying to contact Eapen to offer him an apology."
He also offered his impression of the controversy.
"I talked to Kyle and apparently him and Eapen were private messaging on Facebook when they both started throwing out names and insults at each other," Tenny said. "Kyle was a little intoxicated and didn't take well to being insulted and tried to fire back insults to hurt Eapen's feelings. Kyle is a good person and not a racist."
Blaeuer took down his Facebook page and was not available for comment.