A "bizarre lack of transparency"
COLUMBIA, 4/15/13 (Beat Byte) -- A homeowners association in the Grasslands never disclosed -- nor even mentioned -- city of Columbia plans to widen Providence Road and demolish eight historic houses, an email exchange between the association and a local real estate agent has revealed.
Following this "bizarre lack of transparency," some of the homes were sold to unsuspecting buyers, the emails claim.
"Circumstances have forced me to become involved for the second time in the sale of 927 S. Providence," Century 21 Advantage Realtor Brenda Jacobsmeyer emailed Grasslands Home Owners Association president Robbie Price in February. "The Grasslands Home Owners Association could have been more transparent when the Mainini's purchased this property."
Price also chairs the Grasslands Neighborhood Association, a separate, city-chartered group whose leaders have faced similar charges of non-transparency over the project. Jacobsmeyer referenced her client, buyer Robert Mainini.
Mainini has expressed ongoing angst over the unpleasant discovery that his newly-purchased home might be demolished.

"A full disclosure would have been appropriate when you called me to discuss the Mainini's purpose for purchasing the property," Jacobsmeyer wrote. "Neither you nor your organization mentioned anything about the Providence Road Improvement Project."
An email earlier the same day from Price addresses his concerns about renters. Many of the homes along Providence bordering the Grasslands are rental properties.

"I wanted to reach out to you and the prospective purchaser of [927 S. Providence Road] to make sure you have made them aware of the issues surrounding the R-1 zoning and its occupancy restrictions," he wrote Jacobsmeyer. "Properties along this section of S. Providence have changed in character over the years from single family dwellings to defacto student housing....The result has been a continual eroding of general maintenance and the degradation of appearance, as heavy use by teenagers and young adults has taken a toll."

Then, a bit of irony.
"As this is the second time you have been involved in this property, you are certainly getting a workout," Price continued. "I hope this sale went well."