COLUMBIA, 8/15/12 (Beat Byte) --  Mediacom -- CoMo's monopoly cable Internet provider -- is to blame for a 4-day outage of the City of Columbia's official government website,, says a city spokesperson.

A crucial link to virtually all city services, from crime reporting to utility bill payment, went down after the city's information technology (IT) Department "replaced our Domain Name System (DNS) servers last week," Renee Graham, Columbia public communications manager, informed readers on Facebook.

"Unfortunately, some Mediacom DNS servers are not updating properly with the new information," Graham explained. 

City Hall has also had a customer service problem, Graham said. 

"Our I.T. department has attempted to contact Mediacom...but have been unable to communicate with the proper personnel," she explained.   "Mediacom customers are encouraged to contact Mediacom, directly.  City I.T. is happy to assist Mediacom with their issue, and we hope we will hear back from them soon."


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