Taking a page from city planning, group holds visioning meetings

COLUMBIA, 1/29/13 (Announcement) -- People interested in the welfare of companion animals are becoming increasingly concerned about declining conditions for these animals in Central Missouri.
The recent economic downturn has caused many agencies to stop operations or reduce their activities. Animal shelters in Fulton, Boonville, New Franklin, and Eldon have either closed, or are operating at a reduced service level. Other groups are finding it more difficult to sustain existing funding levels.

As a result, many high quality loving pets are being euthanized because they don’t have a home. Some agencies are even killing pets with poison gas, which is an exceptionally gruesome way to die.


A group of concerned individuals called the Mid Mo Animal Welfare League is attempting to address the problem of homeless animals holistically, instead of with a piecemeal approach most groups currently use. A series of visioning meetings geared to accurate problem identification, and efficient, humane, common sense remedies, is their goal.

All people interested in the welfare of companion animals are welcomed to attend these free visioning events and help come up with ideas for improving the plight of homeless animals in Central Missouri.


ANN PETERS 415-602-2896
FRED SEAMAN 573-529-6209

-- Ann Peters