By now, you've probably heard about a fire early this morning that destroyed the new Brookside Apartment complex -- under construction -- at the corner of College and Walnut. Several photo pages have already gone up detailing the destruction, including this one:
Apparently many August residents were displaced by the fire and are scrambling to find new places to live:

One simple way to help may be this:

If you have -- or you know of anyone who has -- a place to rent available in August (or perhaps earlier, depending on the tenant) contact Brookside Management, which has a website and Facebook page here:

Phone Numbers:

Some housing will obviously be found, and Brookside Management is working hard to place displaced residents, but the residential rental market is tight right now and this is a very rough time for so many people to suddenly find a home.

I suspect most of Brookside's new residents are college students, many away from home for the first time.
Time to give them a big MIZZOU welcome.

Meanwhile, the entire Columbia community wishes the Odle family, the neighbors, the building contractors and their crews, the project's financiers and insurers, and the emergency management professionals who are fighting long and dangerous hours on this Memorial Day weekend, godspeed.