"You'll never work in this town again" rant labels Wal Mart jobs a dead end

COLUMBIA, 10/4/12 (Beat Byte) --
A pro-labor Missouri State Representative has blasted a supporter of former statehouse candidate Nancy Copenhaver with a Facebook rant that included several sharp jabs at Wal-Mart employees.

"Don't worry. I'm pretty sure no one in Dem politics will hire you after this. So keep up that stellar career at Wally World!" St. Louis based Rep. Jacob Hummel (D) told Arthur Nunn, a Columbia-based optical shop manager at the retail giant who supported Copenhaver's primary race against fellow Democrat John Wright.
Rep. Hummel, who co-chairs the House Democratic Campaign Committee, was angry over an incorrect assumption: that Nunn was the source of allegations State Rep. Mary Still offered to pay Copenhaver to drop out of the race.

He suggested Nunn would forever be stuck in a dead end job at Wal Mart as a consequence.
"Same company that has been paying workers in Mexico in Walmart vouchers so that they can only spend their poverty wages in Walmart!!" Rep. Hummel told Nunn. "Again, stellar career choice."

Facebook readers, meanwhile, expressed outrage. "What's wrong with working at Wal-Mart, joker? I pay my taxes just like you do," one woman wrote. "I love the way some people assume that being employed by Wal-Mart somehow makes you uneducated, uninformed, and inferior."

With an official Facebook page that shows him facing a crowd of workers, Rep. Hummel touts his experience as a pro-union electrician and member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.
Meanwhile, he sarcastically labeled Nunn "some Democrat."
"Make sure you do that Walmart cheer when you get to work tomorrow," Mr. Hummel wrote.

"I have made no 'allegations'," Nunn fired back, on a Facebook post about the payoff controversy. "Jacob, before YOU make allegations, be sure you know what you're talking about. I am in no way linked to the story nor did I work for Nancy Copenhaver."

"You're not getting an apology for me calling you out on your BS," Rep. Hummel retorted. "Again, enjoy your day working for Walmart."