Collegiate sports authority dumps old rule against summer training
COLUMBIA, 7/15/12 (Beat Byte) -- New NCAA summer training rules are helping Mizzou basketball coach Frank Haith do a better job of preparing his players for the upcoming winter season.
The new rules allow Division I basketball coaches eight hours per week of player instruction during eight weeks in the summer. Before, coaches weren't allowed to instruct in the summer, or make activities such as strength training mandatory rather than voluntary.

Haith told McClatchy News this month that he and his staff "have every intention of taking advantage of the change." The new rules allow a maximum of two hours weekly on-court instruction, and six hours weekly on strength and conditioning.
The training rule change will be "a major factor" preparing a team of many new players, Haith said. "The new rules allow us to get to know them, which is important as we head into the season. This is stuff we'd be doing in September or October as opposed to now. By the time this summer is over, we should be way ahead of where we were at the same point last year."