Your Daily Rate Hike report

COLUMBIA, Mo  8/25/17 (Beat Byte) -- That part of your City of Columbia utility bill labeled "Stormwater" will rise fifteen times the 2017 inflation rate, thanks to a Mike Matthes-led push to increase hundreds of fees, fines, taxes, and rates since he took office as city manager in 2012. 

With City Council approval, Matthes has helped earn Columbia the title "Highest Cost of Living" in Missouri city in 2015 and again in 2017

Apartments with more than four units and small homes will see a 20% stormwater rate hike.  

At 15 times 2017's 1.6% inflation rate, 25% stormwater rate hikes will hit 4-plex, triplex, duplex, and mobile home residents; residents of mid-to-larger sized homes (751 square feet and up); and occupants of non-residential properties (offices, warehouses, retail). 

Voters must approve stormwater rate hikes under Missouri state law, so Matthes asked the Council to put the increases to a public vote in 2015.  To assure passage, he assembled a "dog-and-pony" committee of bankers, businesspeople, and State Rep-turned-utility-lobbyist Chris Kelly to shill the bill.

The city manager plans such a dizzying array of utility rate and city fee increases for the coming year we can't get them all into one story.   The Daily Rate Hike is our supplemental run up to the new city budget due out this Fall.  

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