NONONOA modern pop anthem comes to Columbia

By Hilary Scott 
COLUMBIA, Mo 4/12/14 (Review) -- If you haven't heard "Pumpin Blood," the debut single by the Swedish trio NONONO at least a dozen times over the past year, you haven't been listening.   Appearing on both the Alternative and Pop Billboard charts, "Pumpin Blood" has been playin' everywhere.   

Formed and signed to Warner Sweden in 2012,
NONONO combines the talents of production team Astma and Rocwell and singer-songwriter Stina Wappling.  The band has the catchy, hook-driven sound that both fans of modern indie rock and those with a healthy nostalgia for eighties synth pop will enjoy.
Although the full album is not available currently in the U.S., their Pumpin Blood EP provides an enjoyable 17-minute introduction to what the group has to offer.
The title track (and charting single) has all the makings of a modern pop anthem, the charm of an 80's throwback, and enough attention to lyrical integrity to remind the listener that there is a singer-songwriter in the band.   To illustrate, the fifth track is an acoustic version of "Pumpin Blood" that proves NoNoNo's music fares well dressed up -- or stripped down.
Lead singer Wappling's voice brings to mind Harriet Wheeler of The Sundays, ephemeral and other-worldly.   The second track, "Jungle" throws me straight back to my days of listening to Euro bands such as Depeche Mode, Echo and the Bunnymen, or ABBA.  

Once again, however, were the production stripped away, you could imagine these lyrics -- which have both heart and humor -- sung only with an acoustic guitar.
NoNoNo provides plenty of ear candy and strong hooks with which to sing along.   To quote "Pumpin Blood":

"It's your heart/ It's alive/ It's Pumpin blood....

And the whole wide world is whistling!"

You may find yourself whistling, singing, and head-nodding along.   Catch them at the Blue Note, Monday April 14, when they open for Twenty-One Pilots.
Starting her career in Seattle and CoMo but now living in St. Louis, internationally-known vocalist, songwriter, and musicianHilary Scott (Gennaro) is the Columbia Heart Beat music reviewer. 

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