Unfaithful husbands -- and Federal agents -- watch out!

COLUMBIA, 2/24/13 (Beat Byte) -- Clearly, the TSA agents who went all Homeland on Annie Schulte's 3-year-old daughter Lucy never spoke with the cheating husbands who've had the misfortune to wander into Schulte's sights.

A popular marital fidelity blogger who monitors unfaithful spouses and scheming paramours, Schulte was on her way to Disneyland earlier this month with her three children ("four if you count husband Nathan" she winked to friends on Facebook).
"Sh--t's about to get real," Schulte Facebooked the day before takeoff. And it did, when Lucy -- and her wheelchair -- were set aside for a "pat-down and swab" at Lambert-St. Louis Airport.
Schulte went to film the hyper-vigilant security check only to be told that "Videotaping the Transportation Security Administration is illegal."
Wrong answer.
Schulte -- whose husband Nathan Forck runs the Jefferson City-Columbia based Elder Law Firm -- recorded the exchange, added some of her characteristically sharp-witted remarks (TSA: "The Inappropriate Uncle division of the federal government"), and posted it on Facebook.
The rest is blemished history for security sans common sense.  TSA agents circled and blustered, as Lucy cried and cried about being separated from her stuffed lamb toy (now famously known as "Lambie") and subjected to the ordeal of post-911 flight.
"When I was standing there filming, the exchange between the TSA agent and her manager went like this," Schulte told the Heart Beat.  "'You the one in the government uniform!'  the manager said to the agent   'If someone be making you uncomfortable, you speak up.   If you don't want to be on camera, let it be known -- you wearin' the badge!'  My daughter was crying too loud to hear them chatting on the video."
Hundreds of media outlets around the world picked up on the fiasco, and Schulte says she's been deluged with 4,000 emails.
A writer for the Columbia Heart Beat who broke the story of Columbia toddler Paxton Spencer's struggle with a pediatric heart ailment, Schulte is a passionate and protective caretaker. She's gone to battle for friends with cheating spouses and this time, for her daughter, who has spina bifida and is no match for the sense-free regulations that guide the TSA (which later issued an apology).

Schulte's video of the unfortunate encounter has a larger message, too: If this is what we've let our country become, have the terrorists who prompted it all finally won?
The TSA meets Annie and Lucy