SchwartzeThird time's a charm

COLUMBIA, 10/20/12 (Beat Byte) -- A popular Columbia personality whose name has become synonymous with public safety and fighting crime will host the Columbia Area Landlords Against Crime town hall summit this Thursday.

Zim Schwartze, who until earlier this year directed the city's Joint Communications and Emergency Response department, will host the annual event, since 2009 the third in a series of informal meetings about how property managers can create and maintain crime free housing.

"I'm thrilled! It will be an honor," Schwartze said, noting that she was in charge of the Columbia police department (CPD) unit that brought the Crime-Free Multi Housing program to Columbia in the late 1990s.
Since then, CPD officer Tim Thomason has directed the program, which includes training in tenant screening; safety measures to reduce burglary and other property crimes; and ways to recognize criminal activity that may not be immediately obvious.

At Parkade Center on Thursday, October 25, this year's program will include presentations about crime-free housing; neighborhood watch; new city rental ordinances; neighborhood associations; and awards for Most Successful Crime-Free Housing Strategy and Best Crime-Free Housing Success Story.
3rd annual Landlords Against Crime summit