COLUMBIA, 5/12/12 (Beat Byte) -- Take it from a long-time property manager -- used appliance stores come and go, especially in CoMo. But if first impressions count, Daisy Appliances on Big Bear Blvd. across from the Greyhound Bus Depot should be around for a long time.

I recently purchased a very clean refrigerator for just over $200 delivered the same day with a 6-month warranty.  
Daisy's staff were helpful and attentive from the minute I walked in, and pointed me to a large inventory -- the #1 most important thing about a used appliance store.  They offered plenty of sizes and styles, all clean and in good shape. When I checked the refrigerator door gaskets -- the most likely place for early failure and hidden dirt -- even they were clean and sound.

For the past few years, I was buying used appliances from the Used Appliance Warehouse on Business Loop, another good shop with a guarantee and large, clean selection. But a family crisis shut down the Warehouse and a friend referred me to newly-opened Daisy.
In ten years, I've bought used appliances from a half dozen local shops, which normally offer a limited selection of overpriced goods that may or may not be thoroughly cleaned.  
Daisy Appliance, as the name implies, was a breath of fresh air just in time for the spring moving season.
Daisy Used Appliances
612 Big Bear Blvd. #521
Columbia, MO 65202
(573) 356-3855