"This would make a great bridal registry place!" By Paul Berg
COLUMBIA, 6/19/12 (Op Ed) -- My wife and I are avoiding plastics, food cans, and non-stick cooking surfaces in the kitchen to reduce our exposure to potentially toxic BPA.

Recently, we have been looking for glass syrup dispensers, and did an online search for restaurant supply stores in the area. To our surprise, we still have one in Columbia (I knew there used to be one on Business I-70, but it closed long ago).

The store is Ford Restaurant Supply, an excellent source of non-plastic kitchen supplies -- glass syrup dispensers; stainless steel measuring cups, cookie sheets, frying pans, stock pots, and ladles; china; heating trays; butter warmers; and much more.
I needed a new salt dispenser to replace a broken one, and I found a 2-ounce glass shaker in a box priced $12.80/dozen. I asked if they could be bought individually.

"Sure," the helpful sales clerk said, "I just have to get the stock number." She checked and the individual shaker was only $1.11. The stainless steel measuring cups were between $1.54 (1/4 cup) and $2.04 (one cup), or $4.18 for a set of four, 1/4 cup to one cup--which we had previously priced online for $30.00.

My wife, after looking around, said "This would make a great bridal registry place!"
I mentioned this to the sales clerk. She laughed, and said, "Yes, but people don't know we're here or assume we don't sell retail, only to restaurants."

They do sell retail, and have great stock at great prices. I highly recommend Ford Restaurant Supply for your kitchen needs.

Ford Restaurant Supply
1800 Westfall Drive (south off Vandiver)
573-474-3708, open M-F 8am-5pm
Westfall is off Vandiver, turning south at Grainger Industrial
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